A Quick Look on the History of Yachts

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Yachts today often have luxurious designs and amenities. Aside from state of the art exteriors and equipment, yachts are often fitted with plenty of other features that will help ensure maximum comfort for the passengers. The most exceptional models have spacious interiors bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and a dining area. Essentially, today’s fishing boat models allow people to enjoy the comfort of their homes as they embark on an adventure in the sea.

Prior to these advancements, yachts were simply characterized as a light and fast sailing vessel. In fact, before they were used for fishing, these lightweight vessels were used by navy men to following pirates and other known transgressors to more shallow waters. In fact, the term “yacht” is derived from the Dutch term meaning “hunt”. Around the 17th century, yachts were also used to transport royalty and other important personage. This all started when Charles II chose to ride in a yacht-like vessel as he travelled between the Netherlands and England in 1660. As its use spread throughout Europe, yachts also played an instrumental role during the Age of Exploration, allowing explorers to discover new terrains.

Because of its size, yachts were eventually employed by recreational fishers and sailing enthusiasts. The yacht was perfect for these activities because it can sail fast and was easy to maneuver. Through the years, advancements in sea vessel technology allowed yachts to become even more sturdy and streamlined. Customized yachts are also made for sportfishing and cruising.

Today, yachts play an important role in America’s cultural consciousness and have become a symbol for both luxury and adventure. A state of the art yacht has become a requirement for anyone who enjoys the wide-range of activities to be enjoyed in the open sea.

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