The Dangers of Bicycle Accidents

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Bicyclists are very vulnerable persons on the road. First, they are not like drivers who are somehow protected inside vehicles. Second, they have very limited protections against impact. Third, they are small enough to be disregarded by unsuspecting motorists and get hit. This makes bicyclists more prone to injuries compared to others.

Bicycles are becoming popular because they are economical, green, and promotes fitness. This also means that more and more people are becoming prone to bicycle accidents and injuries.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents
Low Visibility Incidents: Bicycles have their own lane, but because of their size, they may not be entirely visible to other cars, so they are at risk of getting hit by unsuspecting motorists. This is more dangerous during night time, foggy situations, and other conditions where visibility can be an issue.

Turning Issues: Vehicles that suddenly turn without regard are some of the leading causes of bicycle accidents. There are times where low visibility is to blame, but there are also times that driver recklessness is the culprit. Examples include vehicles making a right turn and making a bicyclist crash into their right side and vehicles suddenly turning in an intersection while a bicyclist is passing through.

Door Surprises: Before opening a vehicle door, it is a common safety procedure to look back for any incoming motorists who might get hit by the sudden obstruction that an open vehicle door may pose. But some vehicle occupants don’t do this procedure, resulting into bicyclists crashing into suddenly opening vehicle doors.

Common Injuries Associated with Bicycle Crashes
Head Injuries: There is a reason why bicyclists wear helmets. It is the fact that the head area is very vulnerable when riding and crashing. This may result into traumatic brain injuries and even facial disfigurement.

Broken Arms or Legs: The arm and leg areas are very vulnerable when it comes to accidents. When bicyclists crash, their first instinct is to move the arm area forward to absorb the impact, resulting into arm injuries that may be severe enough to be fractures. Since the legs are the primary parts involved in cycling, they are also prone to damage.

Road Rashes: When a bicyclist crashes, he may absorb sufficient friction energy from the pavement, soil, or wherever else he or she has landed. The impact may result into scratches, cuts, and even complications from these injuries, such as infections.

According to the website of the Amerio Law Firm, those who have been injured because of the negligence of another may have legal options, such as getting compensation. This just proves that the law does not tolerate reckless behaviors in the road, so you and the others around you should be careful on triggering any kind of accident.

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