The Dangers of Standing Water

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I can’t tell if hurricanes and floods are more prevalent, or with more media coverage, I just hear about them more. Either way, it seems like every other week during hurricane season, I see a horrific story about homes getting destroyed or businesses losing their property to a natural disaster.

However, disasters that completely destroy property aren’t the only problem in the world. Sometimes, smaller issues can lead to bigger headaches because they require constant upkeep or multiple repairs. At least, that was the case for when my brother’s house had a huge standing water issue. He asked if I could figure out a solution because I tend to be the more handy brother in our family.

I didn’t know why he thought it was so urgent to fix the standing water issue, but it turns out that standing water on lawns can affect house foundations, causing dangerous cracks in floors. Even worse, standing water eventually collects dangerous contaminants and chemicals like oil that will eventually seep into your lawn. The damage could be long-lasting and turn your green paradise into a brown, dirty mess!

Standing water can also affect tree roots, potentially leading to accidents. Not to mention the mold that can develop if dirty, bacteria-filled water is just lying dormant in puddles on your lawn. All of that is to say, after doing my research, I understand why he was so insistent on getting his drainage issues resolved on his lawn.

The next step, of course, was to find a company that could fix his drainage issues. I’ve never had standing water issues or anything similar on my lawn, so I didn’t have a trusted company to recommend him off the top of my head. Thankfully, the Internet and friends with experience handling issues like this all pointed me in the same direction: Midwest Lawn Co.

Midwest Lawn Co has over a decade of experience in lawn management services like hardscaping, softscaping, outdoor entertainment space installations, and plain old lawn cutting. But they also are the best drainage experts in the Chesterfield area. Their drainage work is holistic, meaning they take into account all of the factors that will impact the current drainage issues but also future potential issues.

Some of those include future rain averages, expected snow runoff, and more. Midwest Lawn Co will send out a specialist to your property to look at the problems and craft a specific solution to your issues; no one-size-fits-all for this lawn service company! Which is exactly what I feared for my brother’s property. I hate companies who cut corners on anything, whether it’s lawn care, product delivery, or even food preparation. I deserve quality service that matches the amount I pay for!

For some lawns, simply installing a grate or easy drainage tool will suffice. But for more extensive issues, subsurface drainage systems may be necessary. Additionally, Midwest Lawn Co will work to protect your pond or water features. Flooding or standing water that seeps into the pond is not only gross but dangerous for the long-term stability of your pond. They will build a pond wall or a draining path for standing water as part of the solutions to draining problems.

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