What to Do About Your Borer Problem

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I care a lot about trees. Maybe too much, at least according to my friends. The thing is, though, I love to see beautiful green trees in my city and in the local towns. They provide shade from the Texas sun. They provide beauty everywhere you look. They provide fresh air. And they just make life more pleasant.

So, I obviously take tree pest care seriously as well. That’s why I’m putting this out there as a general information piece for those tree owners who may have a serious pest issue and not even realize it. Your tree may be fighting its own borer war, and it may need you to come in for reinforcements.

What are Borers and What Do They Look Like?

Borers are insects that, as their name suggests, bore into your trees and steal their nutrients. They’re extremely dangerous for your tree’s health, and they can be extremely dangerous to deal with, since they may cause your tree to become brittle and for the tree to fall over with very little notice.

According to Hamilton Tree Care, there are three main types of borers you may encounter:

  • The cottonwood borer: Large black and yellow insects, these guys can chomp up a tree very quickly.
  • The redheaded ash borer: These guys aren’t limited to just ash trees, as they’ll attack any dying tree. You’ll know them by their red and yellow colors and by the sawdust they leave behind.
  • The emerald ash borer: These guys are immigrants from China, and they’re causing serious devastation across the U.S. They aren’t in Texas yet, but they’re coming…

Whatever kind of borer you’re looking at in your tree, you need to take the matter seriously. These pests mean business. When they start in on your tree, your tree is in a fight for its survival. That can put your landscaping at risk, and it can also put your safety at risk, since large branches or the whole tree may topple over on your home or on individuals in your yard.

What Should I Do?

Okay, you’re probably sufficiently concerned now. You’ve seen evidence of a borer infestation. You know it’s serious. What do you do?

Go to the experts. You can attempt to treat this problem on your own if you want, but the best thing is to bring in tree care experts who understand the issue and don’t waste time trying out ineffective defenses. Treating your tree incorrectly may lead to the opposite result you were looking for, and the time you waste trying to figure out the right treatment could be fatal for your tree.

Just contact your local experts and let them do the fighting for you. This will also keep you clear of any dangerous falling branches.

Trees are an important part of our parks, our yards, and our forests. We should do more to watch over them. I hope now, if one of your trees has a borer issue, you know what to do to make sure your tree stays strong and healthy for years and years to come.

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